And They’re Off!

As I was typing this title I started giggling to myself because in my world this could mean so many things! Yes, my family is a little “off” in many ways. Most of  the people I deal with at my job are so far out in left field I am pretty sure we aren’t even playing the same game, let alone on the same team, any more! Whenever I tell someone about what I do and share some of my experiences, the first thing they say to me is that I should write a book about it. After 17 years in the public transportation industry I have plenty of stories to tell, that’s for sure!

But today isn’t about stories, although by the time I get back home I am sure I will have a few more to add to my notes. Today Modesto is hosting its first super cart race. They called it the Modesto Grand Prix and have been setting up for it for several days now. They have completely closed the downtown area and set up a race course for these glorified go-carts that can really move–I am hearing they can top out at 100 mph! Not the same go-carts we use to run around the orchards in when I was a kid! These are big kid go-carts and apparently people will pay to watch them race each other. Who knew?

So this weekend is a BIG DEAL in my city. A mini Indianapolis 500 so to speak. And I was asked to be a supervisor for one set of shuttle buses we are running to get people in and out of downtown because there isn’t enough parking for all of the crowds they are expecting.

Not a bad job, really. I mean, I get to have a radio and tell people what to do. I like that! However, it also means that instead of driving in an air-conditioned bus all day I will be standing outside coordinating the shuttle buses and our regular route buses who all have to use the same bus stop, which serves regular customers and the venue parking. AND its supposed to be about 104* out there again today. Joy.
AND I am working from 11 this morning until midnight. AND I may be doing this all over again tomorrow if people don’t show up for work like they promised, since this is a paid volunteer sort of thing and some people like to flake out on their commitments…

The only requirement I was given for a dress code was black shorts and a race-themed shirt. Great. Can we say I don’t own race-themed anything? The only Grand Prix I have ever been to involved horses, and I am pretty sure that won’t work! So the hubby and I (oh yes, he is driving one of the buses I get to boss around!) are going to be grabbing a couple of shirts from a vendor this morning before we head over to work–gotta do our part for the local economy you know!

How many of you enjoy racing? Cars, horses, boats, dirt bikes, camels. Are you a fanatic–my aunt and cousin never miss a NASCAR race and not only do they  know all the drivers and cars  they even know their statistics!–or do you watch it because your significant other enjoys it? And WHY do you like it? Is it the speed, the competition, or the wrecks?!

I’m hoping this is a huge money-maker for our city. They are planning on it becoming an annual event that will bring people in every year and boost our economy. We have Graffiti Weekend already and another car-themed event during the summer would fit right into the mind-set of our town. Our area is heavily dependent on agriculture and this drought is not helping our economy so at this point anything that will bring in a few more dollars and re-vitalize our downtown is worth a shot.

So bring on the super carts!!  Its Race Day!!