And the Craziness Continues

Symbol of summerSo. How’s your summer going?

Trust me, you don’t want to ask about mine.

I’m writing this about two weeks ago, because I was prepping my August post, which is related to a guest post elsewhere in a couple of weeks, and it seemed efficient to post this one at the same time. You know, instead of addressing the four articles that need editing or  the four brochures that need proofreading or the bills that need paying or the house that’s filthy or the promotional activities I’ve set up because my next book comes out in a month (Heavy Metal, book 2 of the Goddesses Rising trilogy, go here for more info and preorder links!).

It’s okay, I have 2 hours to work still before we head out to the soccer game, our favorite summertime activity. (See photo at left, which doesn’t do lean, athletic soccer players justice. I mean, look at that sky!)

It’s hard to know what to blog about. You don’t want to hear about work stress or other work stress or deadline stress (again) or college tuition freakouts or concerns about the weather (getting tired of game delays due to thunderstorms…). We’re not taking a vacation this year. I have thoughts on a variety of news topics, but nothing anyone would want to talk about here.

I’m sorely devoid of the time for it right now, but in the summer, I often do DVD bingeing in my down time, or when I just can’t work anymore. I like to pick up something I haven’t seen before (I did Felicity a couple of years ago) or one of my all-time favorites like Firefly. Right now I’m re-watching Veronica Mars in preparation for the upcoming movie. It’s relaxing, but it’s also smart, craftily written TV with a kick-ass heroine and very complicated relationships, so that serves me well as a writer, too.

When the everyday gets so insane that you can’t see more than a foot in front of you, what’s your go-to escape?