An everlasting love

Last month I talked about my uneasy relationship with television. This month, I want to talk about the love of my life: College football. I love it, live it, and breathe it from September through November.

I’ve been a football fan my entire life. My dad was a Purdue graduate and season ticket holder. Saturdays in the fall meant loading up the station wagon and burning up the miles between centralIllinoisand centralIndiana. We tailgated every home game—lavish buffets spread out on the actual tailgate of the station wagon. In those days, the majority of the NCAA football games played took place in the afternoon and were not aired on television. If you didn’t make it to the game, you might be able to pick it up on a local radio station, but that was it.

The first time I traveled to Arkansasto visit, my man hit me with a veritable Sophie’s Choice kind of decision for a girl like me. Did I want him to get tickets to see a production of Damn Yankees at theRobinsonCenter, or tickets to see the Arkansas Razorbacks playMississippiState at War Memorial Stadium? Now, I love a musical. As a matter of fact, I’m singing ‘Whatever Lola Wants’ as I type this, but…football.

College football.

Marching bands.


The roar of the crowd.

The booing of the refs.

How could I say no to that?

My answer was, “I love college football.”

 The hubby claims that was the day he knew he would marry me, but I think it came a little later. I think he needed to be sure I knew how to call the Hogs first.

Woo pig! Sooie!