All the Merriness of May

2013-05-17 12.47.10

I try really hard to never say this, because it never changes, and the more attention it gets, the faster it goes, but… I can’t believe May is almost over!!!!

May is my second favorite month of the year, and this one has been as good as ever. First came Iron Man 3, which was brilliant. Funny and sweet and surprising. I totally wanted to cuddle Tony Stark, though I doubt he’d sit still for it.

Then came Mother’s Day. I got a dwarf lilac bush that my husband planted right outside my office, and a huge gift card to buy books, and I didn’t have to do chores, and we got TWO great meals because we treated my mother-in-law on Saturday.

And then, of course, came my annual writer’s retreat. The photo at the left is our retreat facility, and this was my spot…for all of 32 seconds. My battery said 2 hours, but I expected to get maybe 20 minutes. I didn’t even get a warning. It just made a tiny pop and whine and shot to black. Luckily, Windows has learned how to protect us from itself, and I didn’t lose anything. But that was my last foray outside. I was on deadline, so I didn’t even take a walk this year!

After the retreat, last Sunday I drove from the west side of Pennsylvania alll the way to Philadelphia (well, okay, I did none of the driving, but I traveled) to see my brother, aunt, cousin, and cousin’s three-year-old twins. They were all in town for my grandfather’s 90th birthday picnic. I couldn’t attend because I was five hours away on Saturday (I saw him a couple of days before his birthday, instead), but they stuck around until Monday so we could get together. We had dinner and talked about kids and memories and parental revelations (“Now I understand why Mom always wanted to hit me!”). It was way too short, but way wonderful. We grew up together, the four of us. My brother is three years younger than me, my cousin one year, and her brother three years younger than her. I realized that we weren’t just as close as cousins, but as close as siblings. We’re scattered all over the country now, but when we get together once every year or two, it’s like we were never apart. And even though my kids are starting college and high school this year, and theirs are all in elementary school or below, we’ll never lose that commonality.

Okay, enough sappiness. After THAT was Star Trek Into Darkness. My family wasn’t thrilled that my retreat and the family dinner meant we had to *wait* to see the movie. Number Two really doesn’t like movies much. If we can get her to three a year, we’re lucky. So having something all four of us were eager to see is a miracle. She insisted we not wait until the weekend again (it’s a busy weekend coming up!) so we went last night. My anticipation was way too high for it to live up to, and I thought the first one was better, but it was still great. I love the characters and the cast chemistry and look forward to seeing it again and maybe letting my feelings for it grow.

So now here we are, just before Memorial Day weekend. Very close to summer, to the longest day of the year (*sob*—that means slowly getting darker again!), to the end of my second-favorite month. There’s still stuff to look forward to. A day off. Royalty payments. Graduation, more movies, soccer games, book releases. DEADLINES.  But as hard as I tried to live in the moment and slow everything down…the month is almost gone.

So what did you do that was wonderful in the month of May?