All of a sudden…July is here!

A PSA while we're talking about Independence day...Fireworks frighten animals and pets often run away when scared by the noise. Keep your pets  safe inside during fireworks!

A PSA while we’re talking about Independence day…Fireworks frighten animals and pets often run away when scared by the noise. Keep your pets safe inside during fireworks!

Monday morning dawned this week, ushering in a new month, and I gave a bleary eyed blink as I flipped the calendar page realizing July was here. JULY! 2013 is half gone, people. The RWA conference in Atlanta is two weeks away. My son’s summer school class is over, and he’s back home. Independence Day is tomorrow. Family birthdays crowd the calendar. July is here! How did that happen?
So let’s look at what this means for me one point at a time. First, my son is home now, which is great (yay!) but also serves as a distraction from my writing. I’d rather play with him–watch movies, talk about his political views, eat lunch out, etc. I want to make the most of the few weeks he’s home, because all too soon he’ll be leaving again for that bastion of learning 16 hours away.
Then we have a certain national holiday tomorrow. Independence Day generally is a low key event around here, basically because I’m usually too lazy or too busy to plan anything for the family, and if I don’t plan it, it doesn’t happen. My husband would be content, I believe, to spend the rest of his days on the couch with the remote. If we are going to be social, I initiate it. Or our Sunday school class plans it. Or a holiday tradition (say traveling to Georgia for Thanksgiving) preordains it. Our son loves to buy fireworks and shoot them in the drive way, so we’ll likely do that, and I’ve ordered some ribs from a friend who is an AWESOME griller. Beyond that, I’ll probably treat the day like any other. Except my husband will be home from work and likely watching sports all day on TV. Wimbledon and Tour De France, anyone?
Next on the calendar will be my family’s week of birthdays. My dad, then two days later my niece, then my sister two days after that. Many times we try to head back to Georgia to celebrate with the clan, but not this year. This year I’m going to RWA in Atlanta, the next biggie on my July calendar.
RWA National conference is like a pilgrimage for me— a chance to reconnect with writer friends from across the country- even from around the world! I kick up my heels at parties, catch up on industry news, talk shop and refresh the muse, meet with my agent and plan career strategy, and generally have a blast. I’ve skipped RWA in recent years due to writing schedules, expenses and family plans, but am looking forward to four days of exhausting, energizing, brain-filling, memory making fun.  As a bonus, one of my favorite authors, Kristan Higgins, is the awards luncheon speaker this year. I’ll post pictures when I get back!
With so much going on and available to distract me, I know July will be gone in a wink. What do you have planned this summer? And writers…will you be going to RWA?