Ain’t No Sunshine….

I have been putting off writing about this  but since it is the one thing first and foremost in my mind and heart every day I decided I would address it…

My DriDri is gone. Her mother lost her apartment through eviction–I guess she wasn’t paying her rent in full every month and the landlord got tired of floating her–and she was having a hard time finding something here. She has an old friend living with her as well, and ever since the friend showed up I have noticed a change in DriDri’s mom’s behavior. So two weeks ago she asked for Dri to come spend the night, I had a bad feeling about it but since she is her daughter there was nothing I could say so we let her go. That was when she informed us she was moving to Las Vegas and taking Dri .  We all panicked. My younger daughter, Dri’s Mom Mom, has been in the process of filing papers to get guardianship and emergency custody of her but was nowhere near ready to take it to court. We tried to delay their leaving but ran out of excuses and they left on the 14th….

We are still trying to get the emergency custody order, since our family trip to Disneyland  to celebrate Dri and my grandson Ronin’s birthdays is still on for the Halloween weekend, but as time passes I am afraid we won’t get the order.

This is the longest we have ever been away from her. I talked to her today on the phone–at least her mother lets her call us–and I was fine until she asked me “Nanny, when you come see me at my house?”…  I broke at that. She is only three–she does not understand that she now lives 8 hours away from us and we cannot just come and see her. She made a cake with her mom for her Auntie J’s birthday on Tuesday–and I am sure she wondered why her Auntie J did not come and eat it with her.

My youngest daughter is so heartbroken she can’t even be here. She has apologized to us time and again for bringing them into our lives only to have them rip our hearts out. I keep telling her it’s not her fault–we never expected her mother to do this. It was her friend who talked her into leaving. she has posted some nasty remarks on Facebook and I have used every bit of self-control not to reply to her. It will all come out in the wash, so to speak, and I won’t do anything to  damage our case against them. But let me tell you–once it is resolved the gloves will come off….

So we wait and we pray and we hope. Meanwhile my sunshine is no longer with me, and my house seems very empty without her little face to greet me every day after work…  She is such a huge part of all our lives and it is difficult to think we may never see her again. I cannot think like that but the fear is very real. So keep a good thought for us and I will keep you posted…

DriDri and Lola My DriDri and her Tula…  Keep the faith.