Adopted later in life?

I just finished watching an old Perry Mason episode where Paul Drake (Perry Mason’s detective) is running down postcard addresses to help clear Perry’s client of murder. When Paul asks if he can see all the return postcards from subscribers, the business owner says “Oh, that’s impossible. We have an entire room filled with them; we’ve literally had 100,000 responses.”

Out of luck, Paul goes on to review some type of tax record, then on to something, he asks the clerk if he can make a phone call. She raises a brow and says, “Collect?” Paul Drake says of course.

If you ever want to see how far we’ve come from a technological aspect, tune into an old Perry Mason or Matlock episode. In our current world those 100,000 responses would be easily accessed on a database, and can you even make a collect call anymore? Cell phones, apps, and technology have made our lives so much more easy. We truly are in the Jetson-propelled era, albeit our cars haven’t gotten off the ground.

But we are getting closer. Speaking of cars, my husband and I just bought a new one, and it includes a technology package. That’s taken me some getting used to. For instance, if I veer out of a lane, it beeps at me. It tells me if a car is beside me and if I get too close to a car in front of me, it puts up a big sign, “BRAKE.” I’ve resorted to saying, “Yes, Mom, I know, Mom.”

simple.b-cssdisabled-png.h5b8d348958346df63a0afca4efee5002Then there’s my Fitbit. I’m totally consumed at the goals it set for me (without my permission I might add) reaching my 10,000 daily steps. I find myself during the day checking to see how close I am to making my goal. And if I’m not close, I’m out of my chair and we’re walking, we’re walking. Frankly I’m becoming obsessed. Honestly, I didn’t mind my parents as much as I mind all these gadgets designed to make my life simpler, safer and healthier.

I feel as though I’ve been adopted later in life. I’m not sure these gadgets are good for a competitive, compulsive person like me. Yet, they certainly are effective. What do you think? Have you been adopted by your gadgets, or are you a rebel?