Acts of God…

Back in the fall of this past year i shared with you how a city tree fell on my Yukon while parked out in front of my work. It caused about $400 worth of damage to the paint but the transmission went out in it about the same time and it was parked so I never pursued the claim against the city.I have been told numerous times it is a waste of time. They take the paperwork and file it but when it comes down to paying for the damages  all you get is a shoulder shrug and the laconic “Act of God–we aren’t responsible…:.

20150725_103012 20150725_10202220150725_101944 Why yes… That is a large branch from a tree on top of TWO of my cars. In my own driveway… Apparently God doesn’t like me as much as I thought He did or He has a wicked sense of humor.

I was sitting in my living room at my computer when the branch fell. I heard the cracking and thought my neighbor across the street was working in their yard but I couldn’t see anyone. I was actually writing my blog and I had just typed the last word when CRACK!!! I looked up in time to see half a tree fall on our brand new 2015 Jeep Wrangler and my daughter’s little Hyundai in our driveway.

I have to admit I completely panicked. I leaped out of my chair screaming for my husband as I ran around the house like a crazy person. I grabbed the keys to the Jeep–I am still not sure what I thought I would do with them–and ran out the door. My neighbor rolled up in his wheelchair as I stood there in absolute shock and tried to wrap my brain around what I was seeing. He had heard the crackling as well but he thought we were in our back yard doing some stuff and thought nothing of it.

No one was hurt other than a lot of damage to our vehicles. I am so grateful that my daughter and son had taken his kids and DriDri camping that weekend and they weren’t here because where the tree fell is right where the babies play and ride their little bikes. I am also extremely grateful that my neighbor was in his own driveway when it occurred–where the end of the branch landed is right where he often sits and watches the neighborhood.

Of course we will file the paperwork this time.  (This is actually the third time we have had a branch fall on one of our vehicles. the first one was our old Chevy truck. The branch fell from the tree in our front yard but the truck was old and I couldn’t see any new scratches so we never worried about it.) The damage to my daughter’s little car adds up to $4400.00. Of course they won’t fix it and since the insurance on it is only PD/PL it isn’t covered for this sort of damage. It is drivable, however, and all she wants is the tail light fixed and the trunk lid repaired since it has a huge dent in it. Her car took the brunt of the damage and probably saved the Jeep. The Jeep has a hole in the top and scratches and gouges on the plastic parts so those all have to be replaced.

Yes, we are upset over the damages. I am just sick over my daughter’s car. It’s the only thing she owns that is worth anything and now what little value it had is completely gone–if it had been covered under the insurance it would have been totaled. We are considering hiring an attorney because this is just ridiculous. City trees are supposed to be trimmed every three years. I can tell you for a fact they haven’t touched our trees in over five at least. Now I look at them and worry that more branches may come down. I have nowhere else to park our vehicles…

Acts of God. How many of you have been affected by random forces of nature? I really have to laugh a little about it. I mean seriously–how many people can say they have had trees fall on their vehicles? And if they can, how many can say it’s happened more than once?! A good friend of mine that I play games with online saw the pics and told me to either move to Arizona near them, where the trees are only about 2 feet tall and wont damage anything, or if I am not willing to relocate to please not travel through the Sequoia National Park or Calaveras Big Trees any time soon…  Why yes, my friends are kind of smart asses thank you very much!

So we will deal with all the wonderful paperwork involved and see where it takes us. If you have ever had to deal with city legal stuff and won please share your success so maybe I can learn something and beat these guys!  Have a great Saturday!