A Thrilling Thanksgiving

I’m a huge fan of author Kylie Brant who writes some of the most sensational romantic suspense and thrillers available today. As such, I asked her to guest blog for me today and describe what it takes to make a “thrilling” Thanksgiving. Looks like her house is going to be “the” place to be this week. Please welcome Kylie Brant! ~ P.S. I’ve already preordered Eleven — Cannot wait to read! ~ Donnell

The word ‘thrilling’ is probably a bit of an overstatement. As far as Thanksgivings go, ours certainly can’t compete with arriving in a new land and sitting down with the natives for a big meal. If by thrilling one can mean loud chaotic family fun, though, we’ve got that at our house. In spades.

The cooking starts four days prior to the day. There are usually a couple dozen of us. With five kids that doesn’t seem like a big group. I cook for larger groups at tailgating! But we fill the house with kids, grandkids, extended family…and dogs. For some reason every child has to travel with their canine. I like dogs. One at a time. I am less fond of them when they are the kitchen when I’m cooking. Or when I’m not in the kitchen at all and they find a way to knock the pans of potatoes on the floor and have themselves a little feast. In that particular instance my fondness for canines vanished completely!

A couple of Thanksgiving traditions at our house are a little unusual. Thanksgiving night we load everyone up and go bowling. The sport is perhaps not the best avenue to show off my catlike speed and reflexes. Or even an ability to walk and talk at the same time.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving is the annual Stud Bowl. Of the five kids four of them are boys, but make no mistake their sister is every bit as tough. They invite whatever friends are in town and everyone wears their old high school football jerseys. We troop down a couple blocks to a field and play the game of the year. By we I mean I am there with refreshments. The bowling maxxed out my athletic (dis)ability. They have an old trophy that gets passed back and forth. After the game the winners exult in their glory; the losers complain bitterly about cheating (probably valid). Then everyone files home for soup and injury assessment.

The house–so loud and chaotic for a few days–seems curiously empty when everyone leaves. Clean. But empty. But the memories made during the holiday time are the real thrill. Regardless who you spend it with, togetherness is the true thrill of Thanksgiving, don’t you think?

Kylie Brant is the author of 34 romantic suspense novels. Her upcoming release, 11, is available for pre-order now.

Back cover blurb:

Eleven. For three long years that’s what she was called by The Collector, the sexual sadist who enslaved her.

Mia Deleon fought the odds and escaped only to discover that no one would believe her about the ordeal she’d endured. Not the police. Not her family or friends. Even the investigators she hired couldn’t find a trace of the sexual predator. So with help she disappeared, always looking over her shoulder, living in the shadows. Knowing she’d never be safe while he was still free.

Security expert Jude Bishop had helped her vanish. Now he’s been hired to bring Mia back. A criminal profiler may have discovered a tenuous link to her case. But Jude is nearly too late because The Collector has already found Mia, too. And their race to trail the sexual sadist turned killer brings Mia ever closer to the man obsessed with her.

Because she became his prized possession the moment she’d evaded him. And he’ll stop at nothing to see his collection finally complete…