A Sweet Sigh of Relief

Boston Sky View

Boston Sky View

For a while, all of us were posting about how swamped we were. How many demands we had from writing (not that any of us are complaining about being successful!) and work and family and outside commitments.

I am so happy to say I can finally see the end of my own period of crazy, stressful, too-much-to-do-too-little-time-OMG!

Number One is off at college and doing just fine. We went up to Boston for family weekend last weekend. We did exactly one event sponsored by the college. All day Saturday, we walked. We saw the Boston Bricks, which she’d done a paper on, and went up into the Prudential Tower to do the 360-degree sky view of the city, with a history-based audio tour. It was very cool and highly recommended. We walked all over the city (okay, not actually any further than 8 blocks, but it FELT like a lot more!) and I even got to meet Sarah Gilman and Aubrie Dionne, two of my fellow Entangled authors who sold to them at the beginning and who had a booth at the Boston Book Festival. On Sunday, she talked us into staying for the first half of the Patriots game, and it was awesome sitting in her common room watching football together again.

But OMG, I am so glad to be done traveling. Boston in August, Connecticut for Fiction Fest in September, Boston again in October. My husband didn’t do Connecticut. No, he drove to North Carolina for a conference, came home, and one day later drove to Ohio for a football game. All fantastic trips for both of us, but we are freaking SICK of bumper-t0-bumper traffic. I’ll be happy not to go anywhere until we have to pick up Number One in May.

So things are a little quieter here without her, with a little less running around. Number Two is overloaded with work, but I only have to help her study for 2 or 3 quizzes every day. At my day job, we finally have new staff in place, vacations over, absent staff back, and everyone on a regular schedule. I got my Friday afternoons back as of tomorrow! My client work has slowed to a more manageable level, too (subject to change at any moment, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts!).

And I’m almost completely done with deadlines! I turned in the galley proof of Sunroper yesterday. We’re just about finished with A Kiss of Revenge (galley being proofed as I type this). I still have to do revisions/edits, QA, copyedits, and galley proof for Hearts Under Siege, but my editor has assured me more than once that there are no big changes. That’s surprising, gratifying, and a huge relief after all the revisions I’ve done over the past year.

So what’s next for me? A Kiss of Revenge comes out a the end of November, and Sunroper at the end of December, so I’ll be promoting those pretty heavily. It’s contest season soon. I entered Heavy Metal and Sunroper in the RITA and will enter AKoR and HM in other contests, too.

There’s household and yard stuff to do, now that I’m out of the crush. My office is a hellhole, torn apart from when torrential downpours seeped in, and I want to get it all in order this weekend. And THEN! I’m so eager to move on to new stuff! I have a partial to revise for Carina and I’ll finally have time to write Harte and Soul, which people have been waiting for. I think I’m going to do NaNoWriMo again, after a two-year hiatus. (Be my Buddy if you want to be!)

So how are things for you all? Revving up or slowing down?