A Reluctant Country Music Convert

GuitarLaura Drake

I’m a child of the 70’s music – a Rock & roll baby. I’m from Detroit. Motown. The extent of my exposure to Country back then was the Grand Ole Opry on TV, and my father only hit on it channel-surfing his way to Lawrence Welk. By the way, for you whippersnappers, ‘channel surfing’ in those days constituted sitting across the room and yelling for a child to come change the dial. But I digress.

Suffice it to say that Country music was right up there with opera on my ‘never go there scale’. The sound of the steel guitar is fingernails on the chalkboard to me.

I should know by now. Never say never.

I married a Texan. Alpha Dog isn’t a big music guy, but he does like Alabama, & Willie and Waylon and the boys. Then the steel guitar (mostly) went out of fashion. I could listen enough to hear the words. And some songs were really cute.

Then Garth hit and the Thunder rolled. How could you NOT love that song? Then I saw the movie Pure Country, and I was crushing on George Strait.

So now I live in Texas. While resetting my radio buttons, I figured, ‘why not?’ and tried a country station. It’d be good research fodder for my Westerns. But I’m finding that,  more often than not, I stay on that station.


The beat – it’s usually raucous. As an old rocker, I love raucous.

The lyrics – they’re simple, easy to follow, easy to understand. They actually remind me of the early rock & roll – like a stick of gum, easily consumed. But they’re SO clever!

The trope – it’s about being American, being in love, loving a truck, being young and broken hearts. You can instantly tap into the emotion of the songwriter.

The theme – I actually have had character arcs or plot ideas from listening to CW music!

So, having said all that, why am I not a total convert?

The trope. It’s so heavy-handed, so predictable that it’s almost a parody of a trope.

But even knowing that, the song usually sucks me in, even though I’m embarrassed to admit it.

There’s a reason things become tropes, after all. Right?

So? Are you a fan, or hate it? I don’t even know all the artists yet – who do you recommend I check out?


Cover Nothing Sweeter SMALLAubrey Madison is starting over. Leaving Los Angeles and everything behind except the scars of her ruined past, Bree sets out for cowboy country. Now she has a new home, a new job-and a new worry: the ruggedly sexy rancher who makes her long for things she shouldn’t . . .

Rough and tumble cattleman Max Jameson has broken wild stallions and faced angry bulls. Yet the redheaded city cupcake who turned up at the High Heather Ranch might be his undoing. Bree has a plan to rescue the ranch from foreclosure that’s just crazy enough to work. But will Max gamble his future on a beautiful stranger?

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