A Newbie Joins The Blog

Hello Everyone:

I’m pleased to say I’m a new blogger here at ENLAR. My name is Jennifer Fusco. I’m a writer of both fiction and non fiction.  Recently, I sold my first non fiction book, a “how to” on Marketing especially for writers, to Belle Books.  It’s due to the publisher in August.  I’m excited and frightened at the same time, and now I can appreciate the panic my author friends feel of being “on deadline.”

Working in corporate marketing for over fifteen years taught me the discipline of marketing.  Its not easy, nor does the comprehension of marketing happen overnight.  There is a difference between marketing and promotion. I hope that my book will teach authors how to use both to their advantage. I hope to update you all on the progression of the book, as we spend time together here.

But enough about book stuff. Here’s more about me.

I’m a mom. A resident of Florida and am terrified of the lizard looking things that crawl outside my house. (you’ll probably hear about those a lot!)

I have dog, who has 3 legs, and he’s nuts.  His name is Grissom. (you’ll probably hear about him a lot, too!)

I am a business owner.  You can find out more about my publicity services company at: www.marketordie.net

I am a radio show host.  I work for Authors on the Air, and have my own show, Romance is on the Air with Jennifer Fusco. www.authorsontheair.com

I love to read. Paranormal and contemporary romances are my faves.  Some of my favorite authors are: Nora Roberts (of course), JR Ward, Sara Humphreys, Tawny Weber, and Kristen Ashley.

I like Mexican food. Tex/Mex to be truthful, and since I married my Italian husband, I burned out on Italian food. (but don’t tell him that, okay?)

I’m so looking forward to getting to know you guys at ENLAR.  So, please, since I’ve shared, tell me a little about yourself…