A matter of survival

My friend, Laurie, still watches Survivor. I stopped years ago, but I confess, I’m still fascinated by the premise of it. Not that whole “Outwit, Outplay, Outlast” thing, but the fact that these people would willingly forgo a hot bath for thirty days. Call me shallow, but I’d set the price tag on my creature comforts a lot higher than one million dollars.

*insert Dr. Evil laugh here*

I must lack the gene that makes thirty-plus days of dangerous deprivation seem like an adventure. I’m also addicted to Vaseline Lip Therapy. Not kidding. I have those little tubes are scattered all over the house. And my car. And my office. Finding myself without one is enough to throw me into a panic.

I also need Diet Coke to survive. Copious amounts of Diet Coke. I know, I know…not healthy. But look at it this way. I don’t smoke anymore, I hardly drink, I’m even cutting back on the Cheez-Its. Cut me a little slack on the DC.

And did I mention the lack of a bathtub? Where do these people catch up on their reading?

Speaking of reading, do they provide charging stations for Kindles? Plastic bags? I mean all that salt and sand can’t be good for the circuitry, right?

Yeah…So, I’m not a Survivor kind of girl, and I’m okay with that. How about you? What little luxuries are you unwilling to eschew?