A land of Sweeping Plains

There are not a lot of places in the world where you can find wide, open spaces and I think that’s why they inspire a certain romance. When people are huddled in over crowded, urban spaces they dream of big skies and I think this is where Australia and America share some similarities. Although Australia is the most urbanised country in the world, as in the bulk of the 23 million people (yes, we really are that little) live in cities, you don’t have to go very far to find wide open spaces. To be able to find a place to sit alone, stare at the sky, and be in awe of the night sky devoid of light pollution is part of our national psyche.

I write books in small towns with big hearts that cater for those who dream of leaving their urban sprawl and living life at a slightly less frantic pace. I relocated from a major capital city to a smaller town 18 years ago and I don’t regret it for a moment. Here are some wide open and currently drought ravaged spaces just out the back from where I live.


(Sorry, I tried six times to turn this photo and WordPress has defeated me. Please tilt your head for a moment as the gum trees are really pretty.)

So back to wide open spaces…I think for similar reasons, Amercian readers like to read books set in Oregon,  Montana, Arizona and Colorado. For the few hours they reading, they are able to leave their crowded busy lives and find a spot for themsleves.  Do you have a favourite setting for books and why?

Fiona’s written 28 novels, two set in the wide open spaces of Montana, four in the note quite so wild but at least woodsy northern Wisconsin and the rest in outback Australia. For a complete list of my books, please click here.