A Holiday For a Horse Race; only in Australia!

The first Tuesday in November may be the day Americans vote but down under it is Melbourne Cup Day People who live in Melbourne, Australia (not Florida 😉 )  have a holiday today. Yup, that’s right. They don’t have to go to work because of  a special horse race. (!!) Now, I don’t live in Melbourne…I’m about 100km/60miles down the road, but this horse race is known across the state, around the country and in racing circles around the world.

The Melbourne Spring racing carnival is a week of spectacle. Stunning horses, elegant fashions, punters risking it all and then some, and the rich and famous mixing it with the general public amongst the magnificent roses of Flemington. Every year we get British and Amercian celebrities coming to spend time at the carnival. We’ve had the Kardashians, the Hilton sisters, actors and fashion designers. Fashion is a HUGE part of the carnival.

All across the country there are champagne breakfasts and champagne luncheons. There will be BBQs in backyards, lunches at restaurants, BYO chicken and champagne in the park…I have lunch with my tennis team.  There are  ‘sweeps’. People put $2 in the pot and their name is matched up with a horse. I usually pull out the name of the horse that’s tipped at 200/1 , which puts me in with a  chance…of getting my $2 back for running last. 🙂

It’s all great fun and the rich and famous dress up in designer outfits and the hoi 2polloi dress up like it’s Halloween at At 3.20PM, everyone stops what they’re doing, classes pause at schools, the country stills as  everyone tunes into their radio or peers at a TV and watches the race.

Do you have a public holiday where you live that is for a sporting event?



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Fiona x