A Happy Blog – Guest Post by Meg Lacey

The holidays are a time of sharing in my mind. Sharing good thoughts and good cheer, gifts (I love to watch the faces of those opening presents, especially my three little grandchildren, Skye, Roland and Sylvie). There is something so magical about watching a child with a gift. My husband and I went to my middle daughter, Sara’s for the holidays. She lives in San Diego and wouldn’t you know it—it rained the first three days we were there. I never see rain there, so it was quite a shock! Luckily it cleared up and the weather was cool and beautiful. We did a lot of touristy things, but also spent a lot of time just being together, talking and laughing. I think laughter is one of the happiest moments of all.

I started writing romance because I like happy endings and also because it was a field that welcomed a lot of new authors, with or without an agent. I actually read a lot of thrillers, mystery and adventure, history and non-fiction, but not tons of romance. However, I still find that I gravitate toward stories of relationships and that is generally in the romance realm. I also love fantasy, the idea of what if something happening that I can’t really see or hear or feel in everyday life… that led me to write my first paranormal romance and romance series. I find I love rituals and imagination and the ability to write a story that has those elements, plus mystery and adventure elements along with a sassy woman and hot strong personality man…. Bingo, that got me to “The Sparrow and The Hawk,” which is the first book in the” Tales of the Sparrow” series. I am currently working on book two, “The Sparrow and the Vixen’s Three.”

I had a lot of fun writing Sparrow. My work is always filled with humor; a good sense of humor is a must for me to enjoy my work and my life. I also think I have a good sense of the ridiculous and enjoy exploiting it when it fits the plot. I think the “Tales of the Sparrow” series will be a lot of fun for readers. In addition my busy year included writing the first book in a new series for Samhain, “Million Dollar Mistake.” I also just finished a new book for Entangled Publishing, “Something’s Cooking.”

I’ve been busy, but I am never too busy to find something amusing. It doesn’t have to be a big something. It can be a quiet chuckle or even a little smile. But, every time I find something that tickles my funny bone, I feel better. This is the time of year when so many people feel down. It may be the loss of a loved one, or the January letdown after the rush of holidays, or it may be gray skies that brings on a mope. This year, I’ve been trying to consciously avoid getting the January blues by finding something to smile at each day. Happy endings can come to everyone when you least expect it.

How about you? Have you smiled or laughed today?



Cyndi here: I’m traveling today, so I can’t be with you all. But I agree with Meg. Your whole day can change with a good laugh! 

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I wrote my first novel in the sixth grade, but my fiction writing career didn’t last. I went into theatre for a bachelor and masters in acting/directing. I ended up in media as a writer-producer.

Over the years, I’ve been an actress, director, producer, creative director, CEO, copywriter, creative dramatics teacher, mime, mom, college instructor, and a school bus driver.  I’ve established two creative marketing/media companies, working as a V.P. and as CEO, working in all media: network cable programming to corporate initiatives; to video, games and interactive websites.

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