A Family Affair

Lady Francesca Darling has known what—and who—she has wanted since she was five years old. Doted on as the only girl in the family her entire life, she has grown up much-loved, self-confident, and with a decided knowledge of how the world of men works. And the man she has decided that she wants is none other than her Uncle Rake’s best friend, Devlin Ross, the Duke of Hereford and the tons most eligible bachelor. She proposes to him and he delights her when he accepts her proposal, but she is then subsequently crushed when he informs her that it will be a few years before they can actually marry. After all, she is only five!

Thirteen years later, however, it’s a different story. Devlin returns and Fanny discovers that her innocent crush for her handsome hero has not only NOT gone the way of most childhood infatuations but has developed instead into something very akin to love. She is surrounded by an incredible family, who allow her to be herself despite the fact that it wasn’t usually acceptable in that time to be affectionate with each other or to have a loving marriage. Fanny’s parents prove to be the exception to that rule and are determined that she will marry for love, not out of duty. As a debutante Fanny is courted by many men who want nothing more than her sizable dowry and think little of the woman who comes with it, but Devlin Ross is different. He sees the sparkle of Fanny’s indomitable spirit and realizes that he may have found the one woman who can make him turn from his libertine ways and keep his heart at home. Determined to overcome the demons that still haunt him from his childhood, Devlin decides that she will be the perfect wife and mother for his children, as long as he stays out of the picture.  Fanny, however, has other plans for him and their family and it is only through her own determination that she can break through his fears and make him see what he can’t see for himself—that family is the most important thing in life and that he is needed to make theirs complete.

This is Jennifer Wenn’s debut novel, and I was honored to be asked to review it. A Family Affair is a wonderful book. I absolutely love Fanny! She is fun and sassy, someone I would love to be friends with. I am seriously hoping that Ms. Wenn will write more books about the characters in this story—I would really like to know how Rake and Penelope’s story ends, and what about Sin and Sebastian? So many men, so many love affairs to be had! There is plenty of humor, some pretty hot sex, handsome men and strong women—what more can you want in a romance novel?!

To say that I loved this book is an understatement! Ms. Wenn tells a story with wit, humor, and a wonderful sense of who her characters are. I couldn’t help but fall in love with all of them and found myself smiling or laughing quite often over the happenings in the story. Fanny is by far one of my favorite heroines ever! This book will definitely be one that I will read time and again. I am pretty sure I have found a new author that I will be enjoying for many years to come!

A Family Affair will be released July 19, but for now it is part of the KDP Select Program and available to buy on Amazon.  It will be free for a few days starting May 21st, so if you are leery of buying a new author by all means pick it up then, but I don’t think you will be disappointed. Jennifer Wenn is an amazing author and I believe A Family Affair is only the first of many more great novels to come.