A Day Late….

Well, only part of a day. My work schedule is so bizarre right now I don’t know up from down, let alone Wednesday from Thursday. Last month my boss decided we should take over management of a second medical clinic. A clinic that’s a hundred and ten miles from our current location. which happens to be fifty-five miles from my house. So, yes, that’s 165 miles each way. I spend more time on the road than actually working. And yeah, it’s only a couple days a week, but never the same two days because that would make sense and let me get into a routine, which is apparently not allowed.

Grouchy? Me? Whatever would make you think that?

Whining aside, what that means for all of you today is that I forgot to write a blog post. And I need a laugh. So today we’re going to study a truly exceptional example of dialogue and voice. And yeah, cats.


Cats Playing Patty-cake, what they were saying… from ourprecioussavior on GodTube.


Yeah, that’s as good as it gets from me this week. Let’s hope I’ve rediscovered a brain cell or two by my next appearance.

Kari Lynn Dell – Montana for Real