A cut above the rest.

I confess. I didn’t start reading Game of Thrones until I watched Game of Thrones on HBO. So although I’m watching Season Three, I’m still reading Book Two.

Do I love it?


Spoiler Alert.

George RR Martin is my new hero. He writes with such subtly, with so many layers. This is the kind of book in which the character come alive. The kind of book you think about long after you stop reading/watching. Honestly, this is the kind of writing I aspire to.

I am all for Robb Stark as the King of the North. I couldn’t believe they killed Eddard. Just couldn’t. Not only do I love the actor, I loved the character.  So damned honorable…

When Daenerys Stormborn first came on the scene I though eh. She didn’t strike me one way or another… but did you see last week’sstormborn episode? Did you see it? Everything that I had started suspecting under the surface came forward in one awesome act. I did guess what was going to happen, but not in “this is so predictable” kind of way. I saw it because all the pieces came together in the right way.


Daenerys Stormborn commands. She is a leader


In the book, after Drago’s death, she kept thinking, Don’t look back, if I look back, I’ll be lost. You can’t hear her thoughts in the television show, but you could see it on the actress’s face (here is where I give kudos to Emilia Clarke, who plays her to perfection.)

In my opinion, this is one of the reasons why she is the perfect female protagonist.

She started as a young powerless girl. She took her circumstances and learned from them. She did not let them shape her, but they did change her as she adapted. You can almost see her taking one step forward at a time.

She is not ruled by her emotions, but she doesn’t discount them either.

She fights for justice.

Strength, to her, does not mean cruelty.

She inspires others to loyalty because of all of the above.

She listens to counsel, but she doesn’t doubt her instincts.

Do not mistake her kindness for weakness. She won’t hesitate when she’s decided someone needs to die, but you can bet they’ve done something to deserve it.

She knows what is hers and nothing with stop her from getting it.


By the end of the last episode, I would have followed her into battle. She is who I want to see sit on the Iron Throne. She is the one who would rule with an iron hand, but with kindness.

She is, in my opinion, the quintessential heroine.

So what are the qualities your heroines must have?