A bit late and a few dollars short

It’s been a wee bit hectic around here and that’s putting it a bit mildly.

Can you say AAAAAAHHHHGGHH with me?

Between deadlines, revisions, more deadlines (btw my Navy Dr was just accepted so yay!), health stuff and struggling to get my son the help he needs it’s just been go, go, go for the longest time.

I was going to put up this post this morning, but then I remember I had to go to the dentist. Hence the few dollars short. And I just learned I grind my teeth at night now and also clench my jaw. So yeah, I need a night guard. Dear Money, Good-bye.

It’s just been one thing after another. I’m starting to somewhat relate to the Beast in this picture when more stuff is added on to my plate:












Except for the hair. It’s more the expression. LOL

Hopefully, things are starting to wind down on the personal front. Things are FINALLY happening for my son which will set him off on the right track. The more weight I lose the better I feel. I really don’t want to have a hiatal hernia repair. Right now the weight loss, diet and medication is controlling it.

I can’t have ice cream, which SUCKS. Ice cream sends my poor hernia into such an attack I’m in agony for hours. It’s not worth it, but it SO sucks.


Oh well. ‘Tis life.

At least things are starting to look up.

Now, I’m taking a couple of days off before diving back into my next book which is due January 2015. I’d like the bulk of it done before New Years, because that’s when my friend is getting married. The DH & I get to have two whole days away together.

There’s no way I’m missing that or worrying about a deadline.

So I’ll take my short break now and crochet or knit. Maybe read a book and binge watch some TV.


At least my Christmas Shopping is done.

Thanks for letting me vent. How do you relax after a long period of stress?