Scrapbooking Memories

Yea! It’s Monday! 

Now you might be wondering why the heck I’m so happy for Monday to roll around. It’s because Homecoming was a huge success. 🙂 The mums were colorful and noisy. The football team won the game. And my girls made it home safe and sound.  Lots of great memories were made this weekend and now I can sit back and relax, until the next one. LOL

Even with all the time I spent preparing for this event, I still forgot one important detail. The camera battery! Not good. Now I am at the mercy of my daughter’s friends to get pictures. I always take way too many so this little blunder is really driving me nuts. There goes that control thing again. I’m not a huge scrapbooker or anything. I’ve tried it though. Bought the Creative Memories albums, the cute little decals, the stickers, the pens, the fancy smancy sissors, the colorful paper and paper cutter. And I’m up to the third grade on all three kids. Now please don’t laugh. That’s a really big accomplishment for me, even though my youngest is now in the seventh grade. 🙂

I love looking at all the creative pages other people come up with. Wow. Some of these could be classified as art!  I have a friend that even has a scrapbooking room. All organized and everything.

My biggest problem is time. I just need a few more hours in the day that ‘s all. Then I could get these books up to date and looking like a million bucks. Really I could. But when I do sit down to work on the albums, I always get caught up in the photographs instead of doing the actual scrapbooking. I love looking back at all those precious milestones. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time to scrapbook in about six years. More than I really want. That’s how long it will be before the last one leaves the nest.

Until then, I plan to keep on taking tons of photographs, triple checking my camera battery ahead of time of course. Heck, I think I’ll actually start downloading them from my computer and have them printed out, ready to go when that day comes. LOL

How many scrapbookers do we have out there? Any tips on how to keep the photographs in some kind of decent order so that when I do finally get to go back I’m not clueless about when and where they were taken?  Oh, and how the heck to you keep from getting caught up in all those wonderful memories?