Guest Blogger Liz Flaherty Talks About Loving Your Book and Being Stuck

Everybody, please welcome back today’s guest blogger, Liz Flaherty!

Thanks to ENALR for having me here. I’m here to talk about a new book, my second Harlequin Heartwarming, Every Time We Say Goodbye. Of course, then I’ll keep talking—I always do. Here is the book’s blurb, along with my gratitude that someone at Harlequin writes better blurbs than I do.

Every Time We Say Goodbye CoverHe had her at “hello again…” 

After the prom night accident that had stolen the innocence of his small lakeside hometown, Jack Llewellyn had run. The guilt—especially facing his high school sweetheart, Arlie Gallagher—had been too much. Now he had no choice. He was back in town, and on Arlie’s radar. 

Arlie couldn’t believe that after all these years, she still had him under her skin. He was such a changed man…a responsible business owner, a single parent. Would he understand the changes she’d gone through, the secrets she lived with? She was ready to forgive him but was he ready to forgive himself? And did they have to say goodbye this time?

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I am thrilled to pieces with this book. With its heroine, Arlie, who has to forgive and let go, and its hero, Jack, who has to learn to be forgiven and to not let go. With Caruso the cat and Wally the dog, who were named by readers and so much fun to write about. With the community of Lake Miniagua—named by the former mayor of Peru, Indiana—where businesses are named after Cole Porter songs and the main street is just barely two lanes. I hope you like it, too, that you settle into Miniagua and don’t want to leave.

I’m thrilled with the book now, not so much during its writing. The book has 70-some-thousand words, which means I was stuck in the writing of it approximately 70-some times. At least that often, I stared at the screen and wondered what my editor would say if I called him squalling, “I can’t do it!” More often than that, I wrote a few paragraphs thinking I was on a roll, that today would be the day I’d write a whole chapter that was wonderful, then deleted the paragraphs and ate some Pringles.

My questions for you are, Am I the only one? Am I the only one who worries right up until the very end that I’m not going to be able to finish the book I’m writing? Am I the only one who’s ever been stuck on what was literally the last page because there was just something about that sentence that didn’t click?

The reason I ask these questions is that last night I read on Facebook that a writer had completed 15,000 words in the two days that had just passed. On those same two days I had hung a new shower curtain, written a blog post about it, read a book and a half, and created leaves for a girl who is playing a pumpkin in the high school play. I didn’t add a single word to my WIP because I am…er…stuck.

It makes for one more question: Am I the only one who’s only ever completed 15K words on a weekend when she was reading them, never when she was writing?

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