Catching Up…

Since I joined this blog awhile back, I have not had a lot of opportunities to actually read anything by any of the authors I have been fortunate enough to meet here, so the other day I decided it was high-time to rectify that situation and purchased a couple of books.

Cynthia D’Alba has a great series going–the Texas Montgomery Mavericks–so I purchased her latest novella, “Texas Fandango”, and devoured it in between home and work. Um, let’s just say it’s not the sort of book you want to take to work with you–reading  sizzling sex scenes and then having to go out and drive a bus is rough!! LOL! I loved finally getting to read  KC Montgomery and Drake Gentry’s story. I was already familiar with them from the other two books in the series, “Texas Two Step” and “Texas Tango”, which I HAVE read, being one of the D’Alba Diamonds and all. It was every bit as good as I thought it would be! Cynthia really knows how to turn on the heat, Texas-style, and the only thing wrong with the book was that it was just too short! But then, you know, novella. Whew! I’m thinking I couldn’t have handled it if it was much longer!

I also read “All I Want Is You”, Keri Ford’s prequel to her new Chester Farms series. Tasha moves to the little town of Bella Warren, Arkansas and opens an ice cream shop. She hates sitting still and she felt she was suffocating in college, so she takes  the money she had put away from working two jobs while going to school and invests it all into a small business without telling her parents, who believe her to still be in  college.

Patrick can’t take his eyes off Tasha. Since the day she opened the door of her sweet shop for business he has dreamed of some day getting to take her out on a real date. But his job isn’t paying well enough yet so he keeps putting it off, until their mutual friend Whitney Chester steps in and sets them up without either realizing it. One thing leads to another and Patrick and Tasha find themselves not only in a relationship but with some unforseen complications that will make Tasha have to choose between the family she has always loved and adored and the family she could have with Patrick. I can’t wait for more books in this series! Keri’s characters are real people with life situations most of us can relate to. I loved Tasha’s independent streak and Patrick is the kind of man I would love for my daughter to bring home for supper. Just saying!

The last book is “Hearts Under Siege” by our own Natalie J Damschroder. Molly Byrnes has had a thing for Brady since they were kids, but Brady has always seen her as more like a little sister than a possible girlfriend. Molly has run tame through the Fitzpatrick home for years, adopting them as her own because her actual parents are  dysfunctional at best and difficult to be around most of the time with their constant fighting.

Brady has lived in the shadow of his successful, athletic older brother Chris all his life. When he and Molly go to the train station to pick up Chris’ girlfriend Jessica for the holidays, Brady’s whole life goes off kilter when he looks into her eyes for the first time. Convinced that she is his soul mate, he struggles with it to the point of declaring himself to her, even after his brother announces their engagement.  Jessica turns him down which is the catalyst Brady needs to make the decision to take the job being offered to him by SIEGE, a private spy company. Feeling that he can’t be around his brother and his new wife, Brady distances himself from everyone in his family, even his best friend Molly, who continues to love him in the hopes that some day he will return.

When the family gets the news that Chris has been killed in an accident, Molly takes it upon herself to locate Brady and bring him home. Despite the fact that she has had no real training in being a field agent herself, Molly, also a member of SIEGE, shows great aptitude and grace under fire as she and Brady find themselves embroiled in a life-and-death struggle as they try to find out how Chris died and why. Brady is forced to re-evaluate his relationship with Molly and see her in a different light as she stands beside him, despite his continued infatuation with his brother’s now-widow, and fights to bring his brother’s killer to justice.

Great story! I loved the whole espionage/spy thing and Molly is the kind of heroine I like to read about. A strong, sassy, independent woman who can also be compassionate and knows what she wants. I’m looking forward to reading more in this series also!

I have to say I was VERY impressed with the writing styles and voices of each of the authors. I think intellectually I knew my friends here were all published but I had no idea how really GOOD they all are!! I have been totally missing out! And as you can see by looking at our page that there are many more books to choose from, as well as a couple of authors I haven’t gotten to yet! Obviously I will be rectifying that little oversight as time and money allow! So if you haven’t had cause to pick up one of their books yet, please, I’m begging you–consider doing so! If these three books are any indication of the talent of the ladies on this blog, ANY book will be a wonderful reading experience! (I can’t wait for my daughter to finish the book she is currently reading so I can turn her on to these!)

Have a great weekend and add these books to your TBR pile!