Coffee Anyone?!

I have so many things to write about for once that I am having problems figuring out which one I want to share with you all!!
But since I am sitting here impatiently waiting for my daughter to return from the store with milk and whip cream I shall have to let you in on my newest obsession–coffee. Gourmet coffee. Incredibly delicious, sweet, creamy coffee….

And it’s not just coffee I am obsessing about–it’s the amazing little gadget I bought myself for Christmas that has me swooning!

A little back story first–because that’s how I roll! I am sure I have mentioned once or twice the many, many people who live in my house, two of whom are my nephew and niece from a sister from another mister. She has been on my naughty list for quite a while for just basically dumping the kids off with us and not helping us with groceries or anything else. Well, she now has an income and is moving the kids back in with her (a blog for another day) but for Christmas I mentioned I wanted a Verissimo Coffee maker from Starbucks and lo and behold she bought me one! AND she supplies me with the coffee to go with it! In fact, she just bought me a half pound of my most favorite coffee from Starbucks (unfortunately not one that is currently available for my Verissimo, but its great for my regular coffee maker on the weekends!!)

A Verissimo is Starbuck’s version of the Keurig single cup coffee maker. We bought my adopted daughter a Keurig for Christmas and she absolutely loves it! Basically the idea is that you can brew a fresh cup of coffee for yourself at any time in less than three minutes, eliminating the need for the ever-present coffee pot with who-knows-how old coffee on the counter in the kitchen. I wanted the Verissimo because you can make Starbucks drinks right at home. It has all the amazing flavors of Starbucks and it uses milk pods that you can heat and pour the coffee through.

With the Verissimo came a recipe book and I noticed several times that it mentioned frothing the milk. So I went online and ordered a milk frother, figuring it might be fun. The one I chose (Lifstyl) had great reviews, five small bottles of flavorings for my coffee, and it even came with a travel mug and a small portable frother so you could froth your milk on the go. It arrived last Saturday and, after reading all the instructions, I decided to make my daughter and I some coffee.

To say that it was a life-changing decision may sound somewhat dramatic, but I am pretty sure I heard angels with my first sip. Oh. My. Goodness!!!!!! I will NEVER drink coffee without my frother again! The frother not only whips the milk it also warms it. You can use commercial flavored creamers in it as well or put a little flavoring in the milk to sweeten it. It is amazing and whatever coffee I choose to brew the addition of the sweet, frothy concoction turns it into practically an orgasmic experience!! I have become quite the barista here at home! The girls all stand around now with their coffee cups putting in their orders for whatever their favorite specialty coffee is and I am happy to make it for them! I have been drooling over some of the coffee kits I found on but I think I am going to ask my son if he can get me the same thing wholesale through the coffee shop he works at. I wouldn’t say I was a coffee snob or anything, but yeah–coffee in my house will never be the same again! I now understand why my son enjoys his job so much at the little drive-through coffee place–making awesome coffee for people is fun and creative and very satisfying! I am going to be hitting him up for some of his recipes–he is really an amazing barista!

As I write this my daughter has returned from the store and is waiting impatiently for me to whip up her chocolate raspberry coffee so she can leave for work, so I have to go. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves however. What is your favorite gadget that you maybe purchased on a whim or someone else gave to you as a gift? (I am still waiting for my Waring Double Belgian Waffle maker to arrive from, my Christmas present from my hubby, but that is fodder for another blog.) Meanwhile I will be enjoying a creamy, hot, caramel macchiatto coffee and checking my email. Have a wonderful weekend!