The Three Joys of Christmas

Generally speaking, Christmas is about three things:

1. Giving Gifts

2. Getting Gifts

3. The Intangibles

We moan and groan a lot about the crass commercialism and the horrors of Black Friday and the stress of the demands of the season. And those things are all truths.

But I like to dwell on the good stuff. We go through that stress and strain because there is joy in gift-giving. From finding the most perfect item that makes someone tear up, or is exactly what they wanted or well beyond what they ever expected, all the way to a gift certificate for McDonald’s that really is just saying “you mean something to me and I want to thank you.”

Obviously, the joy of giving wouldn’t exist if people didn’t like receiving. We can be excited as we wrap, anticipating their reactions on the big day, because we know—or hope—that they’ll be excited when they UNwrap.

So that’s why I love Christmas. Because at no other time of year is giving and receiving so special.

Then there are the more import elements of Christmas. The intangibles, I called them, but they are often quite quantifiable. Gathering with family and friends. Seeing lit-up houses as you drive down the street at night, letting the peace and sense of community sink into you. Singing in church. Getting a day off work—or even better, being told you can leave early as a surprise.

So I want to know what were YOUR three joys of Christmas? 

1. The gift you gave that made you the most happy.

2. The gift you got that you were most excited about.

3. The most special moment—big or small, quiet or raucous. Let us share it with you!