Follow Me…

Do you Twitter? In the world of social media, I am pretty sure nothing is bigger than Facebook and Twitter. Google+ is trying to get a foothold in the market, but frankly I really don’t get it and I’m too old to try. It was hard enough switching from MySpace to Facebook but now that I have made the switch I’m pretty sure I don’t want to bend my brain to learn another type of networking timesuck so I will stay where I am. I became a fan of Facebook way before most people since my cousin-in-law writes apps for the site and invited me to try it while it was still in its fledgling state. Since then I have weathered the many changes and still find it the best way to keep in touch with friends and family across the globe! Heck, I hardly check my email any more! Whatever I need to know I can find out on Facebook!

And then there is Twitter. I began using Twitter when I got my smart phone. Up til then I wasn’t able to access it so when I realized I could I set up an account and decided to see what all the fuss was about. I mean, how silly do you have to be to want to follow celebrities to find out what they had for lunch or see what they just bought while shopping on Rodeo Drive! Really? But I started exploring and reading and following people who seemed interesting and I discovered something. Twitter is freaking COOL! I mean seriously–where else would I ever get the opportunity to talk to people like Wynonna Judd or Gene Simmons or Gabriel Iglesias and have them actually REPLY? The first time Wynonna responded to a tweet from me I went all fan girl squee over it. Now I’m like “Oh look–Wynonna tweeted back” and we have little conversations. I mean HELLO–WYNONNA JUDD TWEETS ME!!!! Just too cool. And yes, Gene Simmons did actually respond to me once and Gabriel Iglesias and Jason Brock from the XFactor follow me. Why, I have no idea but hey–celebrities follow me! Sweet!

But the thing I like about Twitter the most is the actual people I have met on it. I have a girl in Tennessee that tweets back and forth with me. She has a son that is 3 and we talk about him and her love life (or lack of one) her job struggles and just stuff. I just love this girl and she likes me too. Will we ever meet in real life? Doubtful but I get happy when I look at my account and see that I have a message from her. I Tweet with other fans during XFactor and The Voice, bemoaning the judges decisions and applauding great performances. I’ve learned how to hashtag! Yeah, I’m cool!

I have noticed that there are a lot of writers on Twitter and they follow me. Often. It is a great social media for getting your name out into the public eye and I have been following some of them back because what they write sounds like something I want to read. Bob Mayer and Jen Talty over at Cool Gus Publishing are on Twitter. We communicate there almost more than we do in email! I re-Tweet anything to do with his books and have even gotten a few people to buy them that I chat with on Twitter. I think it can be a great marketing tool if you are willing to put yourself out there. A few strategic hashtags and you can find new readers for your books with just a few cryptic messages here and there.

So–do you Twitter? Keri Ford, I know you do–we have chatted a few times. And Cynthia D’Alba is out there also. Who do you follow and why? What (or who) is your guilty pleasure?! And if you don’t Twitter, why not? Oh, and by the way–if you want to follow me my user name there is Rescue Cherry. Look me up. I’m a lot of fun! Just ask Wynonna!