Whips, Chains, and Floggers

Last night when I went to bed (or should I say at 1:30 this morning when I went to bed), I remembered that I forgot to put up a blog today, which isn’t really like me. But lying in bed, I wrote THE BEST, the funniest blog eveh! I even remember the title…Whips, Chains, and Floggers. But beyond the title, nothing.

When I write, I have usually already “written” the scene in my mind. And also ALWAYS I’m in bed. It’s a miracle that I remember anything. But really, those mind-written scenes are always funnier, most clever, sharper than what comes out my fingers and ends up on scene. Do you do that too?

And yes yes, I know all about “keep a pen and paper by your beside.” I tried that. The writing was so illegible that I had no idea what I was trying to say in the middle of the night.

But, in excuse, I wrote five blogs yesterday for my upcoming Texas Tango Release Tour.

revised Tango tour banner

Two of those blog posts were author interviews and you know what I found out? OMG! I’m so freaking boring!!! I had NO clever pat answers to put in those interviews. The snore you hear will be readers reading my interviews. I mean, YAWN!

So how do you jazz up your author interviews?