Goldie and Her Bears (Naughty Nursy Rhymes) by Doris O’Connor

Goldie and her BearsGoldie and Her Bears (Naughty Nursery Rhymes) by Dorris O’Connor
* I received this ARC free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

Take one very human girl. Add three bear shifters and one BDSM club. Shake well. What do you get? Lots of delicious fun.

When Goldie Lockwood receives an explicit note, signed by none other than the man she fell head over clit in lust with on first sight, there is only one thing she can do – obey. After all she is dying to find out what goes on behind closed doors at the exclusive BDSM club.

Having his Goldilocks pounced on by his brother and sister had not been in Jason Stanhope’s plan, even if the little human’s responsiveness blows the triplets away. Porridge, chairs, beds, she tries them all.

But, can she be the sweet sub they need? Or will Goldilocks live up to her name and run away screaming?

Goldie’s boss has been star of her fantasies ever since she walked in on him changing his shirt. She receives a mysterious note with specific instructions, including what to wear or rather not wear. With much trepidation she decides to take a chance on the unknown and gets in the cab waiting outside her home.

Jason and his siblings own the premier BDSM club in town. They are a close family that shares everything, even their subs. When Goldie shows up at the club, Jason has other plans for her though, that is until she blows all his expectations out of the water.

Goldie didn’t know what to expect when she stepped out of the cab but she was in for the weekend of her life.  She hasn’t had much luck with her sexual encounters and rumor around the office is she is frigid.  She has just never had the right DOM to show her what has been missing from her life.  Now she has not one but three DOM’s to instruct her in the pleasures of sex.

Jason wants to keep Goldie for himself; he sees something in her that intrigues him.  He wants to share his secret with her but he isn’t sure how she will react and he doesn’t want to lose her.  When she finds out, she shocks them all with her reaction and needless to say, they are very pleased.  She intends to show one bear in particular that her name may be Goldie but she isn’t a scared little girl.

This is a short sexy retelling of Goldilocks and the three bears like you’ve never seen before.  It is full of sexy bear shifters and one very willing sub with plenty of sex. The story is fast paced and most of it takes place in the BDSM club.  It is not for the faint of heart and does contain sex with multiple partners.  I give Goldie and her Bears 3 ½ Flaming Hearts.   3.5 Hearts