Life Moves On Whether We Like It Or Not

Five more days. (Gulp.)

How can this be? (Shock and awe.)

Where has the time gone? (sniff, sniff)

But I’m not ready. I didn’t agree to this. (Stomping foot!) LOLGraduation

Yep, I’m giving you a scary look into my inner thoughts. Sorry about that. But my mind is consumed with these thoughts and has been for the last few weeks. It’s become a struggle to get even the simplest task done. Especially where my writing is concerned. Oh, dear. It’s my turn to blog. What will I write about?

I got nothing cool or exciting. Zip. Zilch.

Here is why. My oldest will walk across the stage on Saturday morning and graduate from high school. I understand this is part of life, that she’s not the first to do this and I’m not the first mom to have mixed emotions about it. But dang it! This little fact of life was nowhere in my thought process when I decided to be a mom all those years ago. I didn’t have these precious babies so they could grow up, graduate and leave me one day. I mean seriously. I had three!

But I’m so proud of her, excited in so many ways and just as emotionally torn in others. She’s done an amazing job and overcome some really difficult learning curves in her short life. Now her next adventure involves college and moving about three hours away from home. Say it isn’t so! Talk about another tough step for me to come to grips with.

But you know what? This smart determined young lady will do just fine without mom hovering over her. She will find her own way and not need my guidance as much anymore. That’s how life is supposed to work, right. Funny how when I was the one graduating and starting my new life without my parents I never once thought about how they might be feeling. Boy, do I feel guilty now. LOL  So sorry, mom!

I must say, May has been one heck of a month. I’m exhausted both physically and mentally.

I’m so ready for the summer break. And this will be a very special summer in so many ways. We are planning a trip to Yosemite National Park as part of my daughter’s graduation gift, where we will do some white water rafting and awesome site seeing. In all the chaos, excitement and sadness, I think I may have discovered the key to surviving all these crazy but necessary changes.

Make those awesome memories with the ones you love as you share the joy, laughter and wonder that is life. 🙂

Have any suggestions on cool things we need to see while in California?