April Fool is Not Cool

Hope everyone had a safe and Blessed Easter! 🙂

I must say, it snuck up quick and quiet on me this year. I’m not sure why really. It was nice to slow down for a few days and enjoy some quaility time with the family. The New Year came and I had such great expectations for what I wanted to get done in the next 12 months. I made my list of goals, organized my office, and got everything ready ahead of time so there would be no reason I couldn’t jump right to it.

So I sit here today, April 1, and wonder what the heck happened. This is the worst April Fools joke ever! Seriously. I have not even started goal number one. So sad. What I need is more focus. Even though I’m stretched to the max getting oldest ready for Prom and Graduation and College, tennis tournaments and fund raiser for the middle daughter and school work, tennis tryouts for my son, I’m still wanting to focus and get those goals started. I can feel the depression wanting to slip in and take control.

Determined not to let it win, I searched for ideas on how to focus.

Eliminate Distractions – Okay. Yeah, in a perfect world without kids, pets, husbands, etc. one might do this. LOL

Clear your desk. (Done.)

No internet or computer programs open that are not necessary. (Does this include Facebook!?)

No TV or Radio unless you find it productive. (Okay, music works)

No extra noise. (Got it covered. Headphones with ipod.)

No phone. (Nope. This won’t work for me. Gotta be available for my kids.)

No email or feed reader. (Don’t know what a feed reader is, but I can do without email for a little bit. LOL)

Just my project and me. (Heaven!)

Visualize – Yes. I can do this. Do this all the time. 🙂 Take five to ten minutes and picture your project and what you need or want to do overall for the day.

Planning – Okay this is where I’m going to start pulling my hair out. Write out a plan and the major steps from start to finish in a basic outline format. (I could be writing!) Write out the steps it would take and approximate time. (I have to set a time to finish it in? To structured!)

Breaks and Rewards – Now this sounds like something I can live with. 🙂 Use a timer to stay on track. Plan a reward for meeting your goals.

Take Action – This is where I struggle. Get bottom in chair. Put fingers on keys. Type!!! Keep moving forward. If you find yourself distracted go back and review your plan.

Be strict with yourself to keep distractions from creeping into your writing time. (Ah! Strict! I’m not even strict with my kids!!) LOL

Some of these I can use. Others would just kill my creativity all together. It all boils down to finding and using that magical plan that works perfectly for you. The minute it turns out to be more work than fun, I feel like it’s just not worth it anymore. You know, maybe that’s the reason I keep putting off the writing. I need to find that loving feeling again. 🙂

What better way than Camp NaNoWriMo. Yep. I’m all signed up and looking forward to getting started.

How about you? How do you focus in today’s chaotic world? Ever feel like life is playing a cruel April fools joke on you?