Are You Scared Yet?

Okay, I guess we are close enough to Halloween for this topic now.

So to kick off Halloween, I want to know what scares you. I’m not talking about the obvious things like bugs, snakes, scary movies, the dark, or heights. I’m talking about everyday things that make you jump when everyone else just sits there, shaking their heads like you’re crazy.

Here’s my little secret. My nerves are shot and the older I get the worse sudden loud noises affect me. I used to be the calm fun one in the family. The one who loved a good practical joke, and played my fair share on unsuspecting family members. You know, the popping out from behind a door, hiding furry creatures under the covers or turning off all the lights on hubby as he showers before dumping cold water on him. The anticipation of the retaliation was almost as fun as the act itself.  🙂

Not anymore. Heaven forbid somebody jump out at me now. It’s like jolts of electricity shoot through my brain all the way down to my toes. But that’s not the worst of it.  The mere sound of the ice maker dumping a load of ice into the tray or a the sudden opening of a Coke can too close to my ears has me wanting to run and duck for cover. Those cinnamon roll or biscuit cans are the worst. You know the ones you are supposed to hit with a spoon to open, but sometimes just unwrapping the paper initiates the darn pop. We are talking major heart stopping incident. LOL

Gia @ 4 months
My Decorating Partner 🙂

So share with us today. What scares you when you least expect it?